Epog + Education economics

Material and information about 2023-2024 Education economics lecture of EPOG+ Master 2, given by Hugo Harari-Kermadec. Syllabus

Lecture slides:

Previous years’ lectures

Students’ presentations: fill the framapad

Possible topics: Student allowance, tuition fees, inequalities, marketisation, pedagogy (Freire, hooks), national case studies… some references. Any suggestions are welcome.

  • October 5: UN benchmark for acheiving realistics human rights standards (Giovana, Victoria, Dries)
  • October 12: Inequalities in India (Handa, Rossetti, Stock), digital education (Evite, Herbillon), gendered educational persistence (Pernegger, Pavicevic)
  • October 19: gender disparities (Janssen, Zaffari, Andrade)
  • October 26:

Evaluation: each group of student produces a written report, mainly a transcription of your oral presentation. The report is a short (6-10 pages for pairs, 8-14 for groups of 3), structured document, and can include images, tables or graphs used in the presentation, correctly referenced.

Deadline: November 13.

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